Peru Amazon Tours 3 Days - Rainforest Tours from Cusco

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3 Days
Manu National Park
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ESCAPE COMPLETELY Exceptional Off the Beaten Tracks

Our Manu Short Trip 3 days will take you off the beaten-path and on the trail of one of the richest wildlife reserves with spectacular views of waterfalls, caves , majestic rain-forests and deliciously authentic Peruvian cuisine. If you are interested in a private tour, we also offer great private group rates, all our guides are fluent in English and have no problem making sure all your needs are attended.
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What's included

Manu National Park Discover Manu National Park
Departure Location
Cusco City - Transfer from Hotels , Airport , Bus Station
Return Location
Cusco City - Transfer from Hotels , Airport , Bus Station
Tour Start Date & Time
11 noviembre, 2019 5:10 am
Price includes
  • Accommodation on double bed room
  • Activities Listed in the Program
  • All meals included (vegetarian, vegan mentioned in advance)
  • Duffel Bags for Travelling Light
  • Entrance Fees to the Guadalupe Ecological Reserve
  • Free Storage Room in Cusco
  • Illustrated map of Manu National Park
  • Nights at Guadalupe Lodge
  • Professionally Local Guide
  • Rubber Boots
  • Snacks (fresh fruits, cookies, chocolate)
  • Unlimited Purified Water
Price does not include
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • First day breakfast
  • Wildlife Rescued Centre Ticket

Amazon Tours from Cusco – 3 days

The Amazon rainforest in Peru is a must-see attraction not so far from Cusco, which is the gateway.  It will give you a taste of real Amazon Rainforest where you get the chance to explore the forest inhabited by monkeys, reptiles, rare birds and healthy forests. Our Manu amazon tours of  3 days leave on fixed departures with a minimum of 2 people.

Manu National Park is one most diverse in the world however most of the park is inaccessible to visitors or takes long journey it demands a significant number of days however we have designed an ultimate tour that optimizes your time and chances to encounter wildlife while exploring the forest and navigating along the Alto Madre de Dios River.

One knows that time is flying when visiting Peru, such a culturally and naturally rich country which has lots to offer in terms of traditions, history, cuisine, and landscapes.

Amazon Rainforest Activities – 3 days Tour

Caves at Guadalupe Lodge.

We offer exclusive excursions to the caves/canyons at Guadalupe Lodge. The caves are only 10 minutes’ walk from Lodge. The canyon its natural formation that was originated by creek erosion, it has cut the mountain and originated an environment that harbors species that were evolved in the darkness:  bats, tailless whip scorpions.  A walk during the night time would be productive to look for the: dwarf caimans and the Water Opossum which is the only species of aquatic opossum of the Neotropical. This is an optional activity due to some travelers may be afraid of being close to these creatures and it’s advisable to wear water boots.

The Wildlife in the Cloud Forest.

The overland journey offers great chances to observe the Wooly monkeys along the cloud forest and colorful birds; Quetzal, Mountain Toucans and the Unmistakable Cock of the Rock.  These bright-colored birds are seen at certain spots where usually our guides and drivers know very well.

The Boat Trip – Full Day

Our Tour includes a day of boat navigation along the Alto Madre de Dios river. A view of evergreen rainforest adorned by colorful trees while blooming on the slopes of the mountains or foothill forest.

The Boat trip begins from the Atalaya River Port. A motorized canoe alike embarkation (12 meters long and 2 meters wide, roofed to prevent any sudden rain or sunshine).

These types of boats are likely the most ideal for fast-flowing rivers,  even just floating along the cascades its a joy of this trip. The chances are also good to observe aquatic birds along the shores and the strange-looking capibaras.

Exploring the Machuwasy Oxbow Lake

We arrange private transportation to the lake’s trailhead. Trails go along riverine forest densely populated by fig trees, bamboo, cecropias, heliconias. The squirrel and Dusky Titi monkeys can be seen while exploring trails.

Machuwasy is a small oxbow lake that attracts a large number of Amazonian birds such as egrets, hoatzin, herons, kingfishers, rails, crakes, horned screamers, caciques, oropendolas, caymans, and capibaras.  Not Giant River Otters have been reported in the area.

The lake sits on an elevation of 500 meters approx so this makes the first oxbow lake along the Manu route and probably the most visited by tourist whose travel into the Manu Cultural Zone. There is a metal tower of 18 meters high that overlooks the lake and its surrounding

Hoatzin kingdom

We believe there is no other place in Manu where the unmistakable and bizarre “Hoatzin” can be seen that at large flocks. They are quite tolerant of observation at close range. You easily get clear and bright pictures of them just with cellphones camera, big cameras appears not much needed while exploring this beautiful lagoon in Manu.


The access trail can be muddy during the wet season or high water period which begins from November to May. We provide rubber boots to our clients,  we have all sizes available so wearing them it quite recommended even in the dry season since the forest interior it’s still wet and slippery for regular shoes.

Nature Walks

The walks take mostly during the morning time and afternoon both are the peak of wildlife activity in the rainforest. Guides will recommend the most suitable wear and accessories before each activities and depending on the trails conditions. The walks usually last a couple of hours can set up between mealtimes.

Wildlife Rescued Centre ” Dos Loritos”

The project is managed by a Local family that offers to observe animals released at their property. Most of the animals you encounter over here were rescued and donated by People of the nearby villages.

The pet wildlife that welcomes you are: monkeys, peccaries, macaws even 2 toes sloths hanging in the nearby bushes. They quite tolerable for interactions however we recommend to keep distance or just ignore them since monkeys can hurt people.

Lodging in the Rainforest

The 2 nights will be spent at Guadalupe Lodge, which is one of the best places to get immersed in nature and to relax while enjoying the commodities of your cabins. This tour is led by our specialized guide, eager to help you to create unforgettable experiences when visiting the Peruvian Amazon.


  • Day 1st
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
Day 1st

Cusco - Guadalupe Lodge

The beginning of the Manu Road passes through numerous dry inner-mountain valleys and picturesque villages. This gives you a quick overview of locals’ lifestyles and colourful clothes. A brief call at Ninamarca will give you the possibility to explore the pre-Incas tombs within this well archaeological site. The road includes various stops, so you can enjoy seeing the surrounding landscapes varying from high-mountains to humid forests. Next stop will occur in the village of Paucartambo which features beautiful arched colonial bridge. From Paucartambo the altitude will keep on increasing and the setting gradually gets enveloped by a cloudy mist. The road leads you to Acjanaco pass consisting in the main gateway to Manu National Park.

Once across Acjanaco Pass (3550 m / 11.647 ft) the environment dramatically changes from dry to wet valleys. Do not miss the splendid view when looking down toward the lowlands! The lush and misty cloud forest surrounded by massive rocks and waterfalls is perhaps the most fragile and threatened type of rainforest. In such environment filled with lichens and moss-carpeted soil, spotting birds will be the main target. You will get the chance to stare at a large variety of birds ranging from the Peruvian national bird, the brightly red Andean Cock-of-the-Rock displays to tanagers, toucans or quetzals. The path will head down to the Guadalupe lodge (560 m./1837 ft). Overnight in the lodge. 

Day 2

Guadalupe Lodge - River Boat Trip

Enjoy waking up and taking breakfast with the singing of Amazonian birds. You will be transferred to the Atalaya port where you can appreciate the view of myriads of colorful birds and a rich wildlife and drives goes along tropical plantations of papayas, bananas, chocolate and Coca Leaves.

At Atalaya river’s deck, embark in a motor boat and navigate down this crystalline river of Madre de Dios. After an hour, you will reach Machuhuassy Oxbow lake, consisting in wetlands of lush vegetation hosting a large variety of birds (hoatzins, horned screamer, hawk, herons) and animals (monkeys and capybaras). This place is only reachable by boat followed by a 2-kms walk. While you are having the tour, our local cook will prepare a traditional lunch that you will enjoy when returning on the Madre de Dios river. In the mid-afternoon, you will ramble through the primary forest searching for some families of monkeys, peccaries as well as giant kapok trees. In the meantime, you will be provided with some explanations about medicinal plants, reptiles as well as mammals.

We will visit the Small Macaw Clay lick along the river bank while returning to the lodge and optional you will enter a Wild-Animals Rescue Centre run by a local family in Manu. Dinner and Overnight at Guadalupe

Day 3

Guadalupe Lodge - Cusco

Your morning walks along the palm forest to look for the blue and yellow Macaws and enjoy a tasty breakfast and get ready to pack as you will soon start hit the road again to Cusco.

The way back will give more opportunities to glimpse some more animals and discover the wildlife of the cloud forest and having impressing views of the exuberant cloud forest with waterfall, cascades.  The arrival in Cusco should be around 5pm.


More about Manu National Park

More about this tour

Our Manu Short Trip 3 days will take you off the beaten-path and on the trail of one of the richest wildlife reserves with spectacular views of waterfalls, caves , majestic rain-forests and deliciously authentic Peruvian cuisine. If you are interested in a private tour, we also offer great private group rates, all our guides are fluent in English and have no problem making sure all your needs are attended.

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Packing List 


Equipment /Clothing Comments
Wellington Boots

Provided at the lodge

Experience has taught us that Wellies are by far the most appropriate footwear for  your  time  in  the  Jungle.  You'll hopefully have noticed  we  asked  for  your  shoes  size  on the application form;  this is so we can  buy you  some new ones in  Cusco ready for your departure so you  don't have to  lug  them  with  you.  However, please be  aware  that  is difficult to  get Wellington  boots over  European  size  43  so if that's you  please ensure you  bring some with you.
Flip flops Useful  for  use  in  the  bathrooms  and  for  walking  around the lodges.
T-shirts, cotton

shirts and  a light sweatshirt

You   should   bring   a   mix   of  short  and   long   sleeved   to protect your arms from  mosquito bites
Underwear Cotton is recommended rather than nylon.
Socks These should  be  long  and  made from  breathable wool  to ensure optimum comfort inside your boots.
Sunblock Cream 

Sun Glasss

Insect Repellent 



at Least 40 % DEET

Trousers  & shorts It’s important to be wearing long bottoms for protection from bugs and sun. We recommend full cut khaki bottoms or khaki type pants that can be zipped into shorts.  Lighter


Even in the dry season the rain can be heavy so it's good to come prepared!
Flashlights For night activities such as night walks , Caiman Search and for using when the  power from the lodges runs off.



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Manu Short Trip 3 Days

365$ per person
3 Days
Manu National Park

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