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Birding Journey, Manu & Tambopata Clay Licks You will be able to explore Manu Biosphere Reserve and enjoy the spectacular bird diversity and magnificent scenery a transect running from the Andes to the Lowland rainforest passes through a wide range of habitats. A fascinating journey from the Andes down into the heart of cloud forest...


Amazon Tours from Cusco – 3 days The Amazon rainforest in Peru is a must-see attraction not so far from Cusco, which is the gateway.  It will give you a taste of real Amazon Rainforest where you get the chance to explore the forest inhabited by monkeys, reptiles, rare birds and healthy forests. Our Manu...


4 Days Amazon Tour from Cusco. 4 days Amazon tour in Peru, begins in  Cusco with a land journey through high Andes and down from elfin forests to the lowlands, stretching from 12,000-foot-high montane grasslands and elfin forests down through mid-elevation cloud forests to extensive  Rainforest with evidence of  footprints  of large ground mammals such...


Rainforest Tours in Peru A Rainforest Tours in Peru is an incredible experience specially if you are looking for a genuine Jungle experience.  The real highlight it’s the wildlife so you get astonished by hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, fish, monkeys, sloths, giant river otters, caymans and wildcats are part of the rainforest inhabitants....


The Travel to Manu National Park Our  Manu National Park tours start in Cusco with a land journey through the high Andes and down from elfin forests to the lowlands, stretching from 12,000-foot-high montane grasslands and elfin forests down through mid-elevation cloud forests to extensive lowland rainforest. It finishes with wildlife spectacles on the white...


Birding Journey, from the Andes to the Lowland Amazon Our  Manu Birdwatching Tour 8 days is designed to discover the richness of the Manu avian diversity that shelters a great diversity of birds and endemism significantly contributing to the mega diversity.  The Manu road its vertical transect from the high mountain to the rainforest where the...


Manu Reserved Zone Tours – 6 days Tour Our  Manu Reserved Zone Tour of 6 days will take you to the remoteness of the Manu National Park. This tour package is crafted for whoever is willing to access to the unspoiled and virgin areas in less than a week. This is the shortest version of our guided tours...


Tambopata Clay Lick & Manu Birding Package

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8 Days
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