Manu Short Trip

3 days and 2 nights
Code: MST
Difficulty: 1 of 5

Having in mind that the time gets short when visiting Peru as one of the wonderful country that has to tell and show you a lot about culture traditions , landscapes and unforgettable culinary experience we obviously knows that the rainforest in Peru its an attractions that should not missed at all if you are already in Cusco which its the gateway of our expeditions for instance here at Wild Watch Peru we have designed an exclusive tour that will take to the Manu Buffer Zone that offers great chances to observe great wildlife among monkeys, reptiles and colorfull birds, Relaxs and enjoy the view of nature and from the comodity of your cabins at Guadalupe Lodge, this tours is lead by our specialized guide who is eager to help you to create unforgettable experiences when visiting the Peruvian Amazon.

WHERE: Manu Cultural Zone
ELEVATION RANGE: from 12,467.19 ft to 1640.42 ft
IDEAL FOR VIEWING: Andean Cock of Rock, Monkeys, Capibara, Macaws, Hoatzin, Spiders, Reptiles
EXCELLENT FOR: Wildlife Observation, Nature Walks , Oxbow lake exploration on local rafts, Motor Boat, Night walks, caves.

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DAY 1 Cusco – Guadalupe Nature Reserve
Leaving Cusco in the morning the beginning of the Manu Road passes through numerous dry inner-montane valleys during the trip along the small road you can enjoy the native villages and locals going about their lives in their colorful attires We will stop briefly at the Ninamarca which is an arqueological site with its pre-incas tombs, we travel at leisure making several stops including many photos opportunities exploring the high-elevation mountains, continuing on we visited the village of Paucartambo with its beautiful arched colonial bridge. From Paucartambo we climbed yet again and gradually became enveloped in a cloudy mist soon we arrived at Acjanaco pass and gateway to Manu National Park.

Once across Acjanaco Pass (3550 m / 11.647 ft) the environment changed dramatically passing from dry valleys to wet and also the view looking down toward the lowlands is stunning. The lush and misty cloud forest surrounded by massive rocks and waterfalls is perhaps the most fragile and threatened type of rainforest, which is the kingdom of lichens , moss our main target will of course the Peruvian national bird the brightly red Andean Cock of the Rock displays daily for female but the tanager flock here are also incredible and some colorful birds such as mountains toucans, quetzals. as we descend we’ll head straight down to(560 m/ 1837 ft) Overnight, Guadalupe Nature Reserve.

DAY 2: Guadalupe Nature Reserve - River Boat Exploration
At dawn we will wake up with the singing of the Amazonian birds and have the chances to walk around our garden after having breakfast we will start our journey to the Atalaya port where will appreciate many colourful birds and beautiful views, once we arrive at Atalaya river port we will get board our motor boat with good save equipment and navigate down this crystalline river of Madre de Dios. Then we continue by boat up the Madre de Dios river to visit Machuwasi lagoon where we will appreciate some hoatzins (primitive bird), horned screamer, hawk, herons, capybara (largest rodent in the world) and on a lucky day some monkeys.
At mid-afternoon, we start walking through the primary forest searching families of monkeys, peccaries as well as giant kapok trees, during this hike our expert guide will explain about medicinal plants, reptiles, mammals, etc. After this exploratory walk we will board our motor boat and return to the to Guadalupe Lodge.

DAY 3: Guadalupe Nature Reserve - Cusco
We will certainly visit the Parrot Clay Lick allowing the weather condition, which is also a good activity in our rainforest trip, after breakfast we will get ready for packing and we go briefly to visit the wild animals rescued center which is runs by a local family in Manu and this will be chances to see more animals after that we make our way back to Cusco, we may take glimpses of colorful birds again and also we will enjoy the breathtaking views of the exuberant cloud forest again and crossing rushing creek which are originated in the mountain peaks. we will arrive to Cusco at around 5:00 PM

* Naturalist Guide with telescope
* Tour Transport (van & Boat)
* Entrances fees
* 3 meals a day.
* 2 nights lodge at the Guadalupe Lodge (Private Toilets & Hot Showers, Balcony that overlooks the garden, electricity )
* Mineral water + Snacks
* Rubber boots + Duffel bags

Not included;
* Binocular
* Alcoholic drinks
* First Breakfast / last day dinner
* Packing list
* Here is a list of items that are helpful for your journey to Manu Jungle !!

* Sunscreen
* Insect repellent
* Personal hygiene products
* Sunglasses
* Camera, film, and extra batteries
* Binoculars
* Flashlight and extra batteries
* Battery operated alarm clock
* Backpack
* Clothing
* Socks (bring extra)
* Undergarments (bring extra)
* Swimsuit
* At least 1 pair nylon shorts
* T-shirts
* Walking or sport shorts
* 1 pair lightweight pants (for mosquito protection)
* 1 lightweight long-sleeved shirt
* 1 windbreaker or rain jacket.

DAY 1: Cusco - Guadalupe Nature Reserve.
* Enjoyable private begins in the Andes of Cusco with a stunning views of the mountain peaks and remote village.
* Visit of the pre-Inca cementery ruins at Ninamarca.
* Guided tour in the charming colonial village of Paucartambo.
* Visit to the village museum.
* Descent to the cloud forest and walk along the cloud forest to spot the amazing cock-of-the-rock other colourful birds and monkeys.
* After our arrival to the Guadalupe Reserve if having time we will explore the trails that will takes us along the swampy forest to look for the capuchin monkeys.
* Night walk to look for caimans.
* Dinner at the Lodge.

DAY 2: Guadalupe Nature Reserve - Boat Explorations – Wildlife Rescued Centre
* Breakfast at the Guadalupe Lodge
* Visit to the natural caves to see large spiders , bats and trails around the lodge.
* van ride towards the Atalaya Port.
** Optional visit to the wild animals rescue centre along the way.
* Motorized canoe to navigate the exciting Alto Madre de Dios.
* Trail explorations and Lake exploration on local rafts to look for capibaras , monkeys and many birds.
* Moderate walking in the afternoon provides a good opportunity to experience the flora and fauna and observation of the giant kapok tree along the trails of the area.
* Dinner and overnight at the Guadalupe Lodge.
** Optional night walk.

DAY 3: Guadalupe Nature Reserve – Cusco
* Early visit to the Parrot and Parakeet clay lick along the road in the morning.
* Breakfast at the lodge.
* Guided walk around the garden of the lodge to explain about the medicinal and curative plants such as; coca leaf, wild tomatoes, annatto etc.
* Return trip to Cusco.

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