Cheryl Rosenfeld (USA )
Manu Birding Biosphere Reserve 8 days

As the past reviews indicate, Herbert is an excellent guide. His passion for the rain forest and ecotourism is genuine and contagious! He is truly gifted in being able to identify the many bird species by a quick call or glimpse, even at a considerable distance. In all, we saw over 230 different bird species with his help. Herbert also spotted a pair of capybara at the far end of the river.

Hebert admitted up front that we might not see many macaws at the clay lick. However, we saw many of them, along with various parrots.

If thinking about going to the Manu Reserve, one should realize the trip from Cusco or Port Maldonado is not easy, but this is more because insufficient government infrastructure. Herbert and other Eco tour guides in the area are pushing the Peruvian government for such support. With such additional backing, the Manu area could become a major ecotourist destination site, as it has everything one can find in Costa Rica or Belize, and then some. It was nice though to be able see the lek display of the cock-of-the-rock and macaws at the clay lick with only a few other individuals.

While it is arduous, the full trip that goes from the cloud forest at over 12,000 feet to the Banquillo clay lick is well worth it. Along the way, one appreciates the dramatic change in bird and plant species. Darwin would have a field day if he based his theory of evolution on the incredible differences in bird species living at the different altitudes.

Herbert and his team, including drivers and cooks, are the perfect guides to accompany one on this incredible expedition. His patient demeanor and enjoyable laugh were quite welcomed. On the way to the airport, a bridge was out and a tree fell on the road. He calmly indicated that these hurdles would be resolved in 30 minutes and should not pose a problem. He was correct, but with hid help, both were resolved in 15 minutes- a road crew chainsawed and then pushed the tree out of the way and laid some boards down for the vehicle to drive over the broken bridge. Arrived at the airport way in advance. The other funny but somewhat scary incident was when a monkey managed to get in the van. Herbert quickly though lured it out with an apple. The adult monkey with a juvenile one on his back proceeded to hop on the back of Herbert so he was now carrying two monkeys. Too busy laughing at this point though to capture a picture of this moment. He patiently escorted all monkeys to safety, and we were able to drive off without any monkeys in the vehicle. The take home message is regardless of the apparent jam or trouble, one is an excellent hands with Herbert. It is also nice to support a local small tour company with intimate knowledge of the area.

Deirdre Roney (USA)
Manu Wildlife Tour 6 days

First, thank you very much for a wonderful trip in Manu! Our whole group thoroughly enjoyed it. We were extremely impressed with how well all the arrangements worked out. Esau and Simon are both wonderful bird and animal spotters and a pleasure to spend time with. Luis did a great job on the cooking. We all very much appreciated the flexibility with which you accommodated our need to have 2 separate departures, because of Rachel's illness, and the way that Esau and Luis joined our group right after another group. A job well done by all!

Gerhard & Julie Geldenhuys (Ireland )
Manu Ultimate Rainforest Experience 8 days

We’ve just returned from a 8 day Manu trip with the team from Wild Watch Peru.

Herbert, Simon and the cook Marcello are all local to the area and took very good care of us.

With their excellent knowledge of the jungle we managed to see a wonderful variety of wildlife & birds and had a brilliant time doing so. Their professionalism & passion for what they do clearly shines through.

Herbert is an excellent bird and nature guide, with infinite patience and a great attitude. He also went to great pains to make sure that everyone was ok and would go out of his way to make the trip enjoyable. Simon with his infectious laugh is extremely knowledgeable and pointed out things to us in the jungle that we would otherwise have missed.

Marcello does the most amazing things behind the scenes with very limited facilities, he is creative with his cooking and tries really hard to please everybody’s taste.

I would definitely recommend going with them if you want to explore the Manu Biosphere and all the stunning wildlife & scenery it has to offer.

Albert Perschke (Canada )
Manu Nature & Wildife Escape 7 days

During my trip to Peru in May 2016 we were fortunate to be teamed with Hebert for the seven day portion of our trip into the Manu Cloud Forest and the Manu National Park. Having seen raised in the immediate area , he has a natural sense of the birds and animals located in the Manu region. We found he was extremely knowledgeable about all the aspects of the rainforest providing us with a wealth of information of the area`s botany, animals, birds and local lore. In particular , it was our delight to discover he was an expert guide. His ability to recognize all calls of the area`s birds was remarkable. He diligently searched out species of interest with enthusiasm and successfully called reclusive birds out of the forest for our viewing. We would highly recommend his guiding service and company to anyone who is keen to not only see the rainforest, but also its many and varied inhabitants.

Hebert`s combination of an easy-going temperament, sense of humor and expertise made this portion of our trip an absolute pleasure and an unforgettable experience.

Sincerely Albert

Alison Joseph (USA)
Full Day Birding at Huacarpay lagoon

Thank you for a wonderful day today. Simon was a fantastic guide and helped to spot 55 species. He had got s great eye for spotting, knows his birds and explains well.

The driver was very good and was also spotting birds. The whole day sent exceptionally well and I'm very pleased I chose your organization to book with.

Thank you

Johnnalee Friedman (USA)
Manu Wildlife Tour

We are back home in Oregon after our amazing travels through your beautiful and interesting country. We loved Peru – in all of it’s wonders. From the Rainforest to Cusco and the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu and back to Lima. Our travels will stay in our memory for a very long time. Thank you for taking such good care of us on the rainforest part of our trip. We appreciated your organization and of course, the way in which you saved our trip! Thanks also to our drivers, captains and of course our talented chef Luis.

Mark Dowei (USA)
Manu Nature & Wildlife Escape 7 days

Look what I found behind the dollars in my wallet , no use to me all yours,

What a great pleasure it was meeting and travelling to you , I have many guides in my life and you Hebert, are the BEST Wendy agrees.

If I ever come back to Peru , we will be sure to ask for you.

Best & luck in your career.
Highest regards.

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