About Us

Our Philosophy

Wild Watch Peru is proudly leading a project of Ecoturism in Manu Buffer Zone one of the most diverse parks in the world having an incredible wildlife records , so we priories to be part of the alternative ways to preserve the rainforest in a truly way involving local people in our activities , consuming the organic local products and compensate people given bonus for conservation and tourism , this retribution also creates a better perception of the tourism and enforce the will of conservation invulnerable areas for conservation. Our tours are social responsible as we are looking for alternatives how local people can be more immerse in this activity and manage their own projects in the area, We believe tourism should have a wider impact in the local communities.

Our Team

Luis Hebert Zuniga (Guide & CEO)

Since childhood I am living in the Manu area, the forest is not only the region where I am guiding and explain about creatures or the place where I used to be crossing my fingers to spot Jaguars or Anacondas to show my clients for their delightful observation, I know is more than that, it’s also my hometown. Not many years ago I was certificated as local guide from the Manu Institute and proudly I have to say this career brought to my life many surprises and unique experiences , My experiences includes working at different lodges around Manu National Park , Tambopata reserve and Pampas del Heath from the 2004 , initially working as multifunctional staff and latter as resident Naturalist Interpreter, I have also participation on other interesting projects; Field assistance of botanical research project of Marburg University on 2007 , BBC film ¨I bought a rainforest – Charles Hamilton ¨ on 2012, foir instance having an intimate knowledge of the Manu Park and consequently gaining experience in the tourism industry I have decided to give a step further founding my own and small company ¨Wild Watch Peru¨ on the early 2010 from that time I am guiding part time and most likely organizing the logistic operational for our groups into the Manu National Park and Tambopata. Nowadays we are proudly operating Nature Tours to the Guadalupe lodge and Nature Reserve as Family Project in Manu, leading this organization we are eager to promote the genuine responsible in Manu Buffer Zone known as vulnerable zone of nature degradation and hope Eco-tourism will be alternative choice for people whose wants to be involved , when having a spare time I like to do some birding alone or with a group of friends , looking for new locations , reports please for further details see my blog Hebert Zuniga Wild Watch Peru

Simon Pinares (Guide)

Simon is the contagious smile guide looking to find the most reclusive wildlife for you while exploring the Manu Park , he is originally from the Andean Mountains , been studying for guiding at the Manu Institute , its been more than 8 years that he is successfully leading tours groups into the Manu National Park and some other well known trekking destination in the South of Peru , Lares , Choquequiraw, Ausangate , Machupicchu , his abilities also includes photography and birdwatching. He is one of the multitalented guides he would give a lot of value and keeping the tourist with the most informative way to do it.

Esau Ochoa Valer (Guide)

Since 2005 after his graduation in tourism at the Manu technological Institute his experience at the sector of Tourism started working as Naturalist Guide at Tambopata National Reserve, Pampas del Heath his interest in subject of Conservation and Ecotourism had motivated to return to his hometown Manu to work as exclusive guide of Wild Watch Peru from 2013

Jesus Cari

Jesus was born in the altiplano, moved to Puerto Maldonado- Madre de Dios Region 15 years ago, he studied tourism official Guide in the local Institute, after Some years of guiding and gained some experience, he decided to move to Lima to get better education at the University Inka Garcilaso de la Vega where he got the degree On tourism and Hotels, he came back to the jungle to apply his knolewge and worked as head explorer Guide in Inkaterra chain Hotels, he does Research On Birds and he likes photography, showing nature and make people love It is his passion, He currently lives in Cusco.

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