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Wild Watch Peru are a trilling experience that far exceed your expectations in effect our authentic and intensives programs, the training and quality of the staff, the exploratory itinerary and the environment itself combine to make the experience visiting Manu National Park, Tambopata and Machupicchu extraordinary and memorable one in Peru.

Instead we take special care to present the People and natural history of the rainforest as they are...

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  • Manu National Park

    Manu National Park the name has acquired a legendary mystique among birdwatchers, naturalist and conservationist throughout the world, no other park on the planet protects so many species of birds, so many plants and animals, as this outstanding wilderness area, only 20 % of the entire Amazon has the rich floodplain soils that yield abundant rainforest fruits and support dense population of forest wildlife, of that area a mere of one percent is both protected by wildlife reserves and has a regular access by overland transport and realible motorboat, these are the qualities that have earned Manu its fabled reputation as the jewel in the crown of the Amazon Wildlife viewing experiences and for those whose choose to take the land route into spectrum on contrasting natural environments and wildlife , all the way from the high Andes to the Amazonian lowland rainforest as unique experience.

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