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¡Wild Watch Peru knows where to lead in the Peruvian Rainforest¡

Wild Watch Peru are a trilling experience that far exceed your expectations in effect our authentic and intensives programs, the training and quality of the staff, the exploratory itinerary and the environment itself combine to make the experience visiting Manu National Park, Tambopata and Machupicchu extraordinary and memorable one in Peru.

nstead we take special care to present the People and natural history of the rainforest as they are without exaggeration this true story of the rainforest remains very compelling and for most passenger one of the great pleasure of travel its spontaneity in Wild Watch Peru we vary the itinerary so that the trips are interesting for the passenger when exploring the Manu National Park and Machupicchu considered the highlight destinations for the passionate wildlife photographer adventurer or just nature lovers.

  • We offer High Quality tours in Manu National Park, that offer the same excellent ground experience as the larger tour companies. Affordable take advantage of small company prices.
  • Birding tours in Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve, you will be able to choose among a wide range of flexible guided tours either alone or in a group. Off-the-beaten track or on classical tours, we can propose the best combinations matching your interests, budget and trip length.
  • We utilize locally owned lodges and operations and importantly we always employ local guides in each destination, who provide detailed knowledge, enthusiasm and insight to all the destinations we visit.
  • Wild Watch Peru is an ecologically and socially responsible team as we are promoting sustainable tourisms in Manu Biosphere Reserve.
Our Recomendations
Manu Wild Experience - 4 daysManu Wild Experience
4 days
On these tours you travel over the Andes by our private and confortable vehicules  down the eastern slopes to the cloud forest , arriving to the  Guadalupe Lodge around the mid afternoon  (the Guadalupe Lodge its well located , ... More information »
Manu Short Trip - 3 daysManu Short Trip
3 days
Having in mind that the time gets short when visiting Peru as one of the wonderful country that has to tell and show you a lot about culture  traditions , landscapes and unforgettable culinary experience  we obviously knows that ... More information »
Manu Reserved Zone Express - 6 daysManu Reserved Zone Express
6 days
Our Manu Reserved Tour 6 days its takes you to the remoteness of the park,  the final stopover allowed for tourist to reach this healthy and untouched rainforest  in fact this trip is well designed for people whose have ... More information »
Manu Nature & Wildlife Escape - 7 daysManu Nature & Wildlife Escape
7 days
Our Manu Nature and Wildlife Escape7 days is  focused  to spend days  at the  Manu Protected Zone having much more  time to explore this untouched rainforest with great chances  to spot the most emblematic and top predators  such as ... More information »
Manu Birding Experience - 5 daysManu Birding Experience
5 days
Birding in Manu means to enjoy the spectacular bird diversity and magnificent scenery  a transect running from the Andes to the Lowland rainforest passes through a wide range of habitats , the andes , grassland , elfin forest , ... More information »
Manu Short Birding Trip - 3 daysManu Short Birding Trip
3 days
Our short birding tour start in Cusco city and extends from the Andes to the foothill forest down the cloud forest , this transect its easily travelled in the 3 days allowing to the visitor to experience a wide ... More information »
Trip Exploring Manu Wilderness - 8 daysTrip Exploring Manu Wilderness
8 days
Come and explore the best of the Peru´s Amazon with and exciting blend of nature, adventure and fun with a perfect introduction to the wildlife and pristine rainforest and enjoy the wonders of Manu National Park and relaxs in ... More information »
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APV virgen del Carmen - C4
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